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Clinical Hypnotherapy 

When we are in pain our bodies typically tense up. This only exacerbates the sensation, continuing the cycle of stress, tension, fear and pain. Hypnosis can help to alleviate this. When we are relaxed mentally, our bodies follow

Whilst under hypnosis the focus is on relaxation and letting go of distracting thoughts. This temporarily tunes out the conscious part of your mind, opening you up to the power of suggestion. It is at this point can suggestions can be made to encourage pain relief and give post-hypnotic suggestions, allowing you to carry out self-hypnosis at home.
Hypnosis aims to manage any fear and anxiety you may have relating to your pain, rather than convincing you that your pain doesn’t exist. It also helps to reduce stress and relax the nervous system to help it become less reactive to pain.

The use of visualisation techniques allows you to refocus your mind away from the pain and onto something more pleasant. The number of sessions you will need will depend on your individual circumstances, however hypnosis for pain usually lasts between four and 10 sessions. You will receive a recording to use at home so you can continue to employ hypnosis techniques.
The nature of hypnotherapy means it doesn’t work for everybody. However, it is a natural therapy with no side effects, so it is certainly worth trying. Many people say it is an effective tool to use as part of their chronic pain management plan.

Cost – Single 90-minute session £90
Program of 5 x 90 minute sessions including weekly phone call, daily texts relevant personalized videos and recordings £425

Mindfulness Meditation for pain reduction

Clinical Trials have shown that Mindfulness meditation reduces chronic pain by 57 percent and by over 90 percent by accomplished meditators.
Imaging studies show that mindfulness soothes the patterns underlying pain and, over time, these changes take root and alter the structure of the brain itself, so that patients no longer feel pain with the same intensity. Many say that they barely notice it at all.
Hospital pain clinics now prescribe mindfulness meditation to help patients cope with the suffering arising from a wide range of diseases such as cancer (and the side effects of chemotherapy), heart disease, diabetes and arthritis. It is also used for back problems, migraine, fibromyalgia, coeliac disease, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome and even multiple sclerosis.

Single session of 60 minutes £60 

Program of 8 sessions £425



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