Mindfulness Coaching

Being present in your life

The way we think and how we deal with our thoughts plays a major part in our mental health. Mindfulness meditation is a mind-body based, approach that helps people change the way they think and feel about their experiences.

Mindfulness can be a life-changing way to change our thoughts and feelings positively. Making us more aware of them instead of allowing them to overwhelm us.

Mindfulness is not a religion it is just a form of mental training. It isn’t complicated or need to take up a lot of time, just a little patience. It can be learnt in a group or in a one to one coaching format in person or by Skype.

Scientific Research shows the benefits of regular Mindfulness Meditation includes:

• Decrease in anxiety, depression and irritability
• Reduction in Chronic stress
• Better and more fulfilled relationships
• Helps reduce the impact of serious conditions such as chronic pain and Cancer
• Can help relieve drug and alcohol dependence
• Lowering blood pressure
• Boost the immune system leading to better health and vitality



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