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About Me

BWRT Practioner- Clinical Hypnotherapist- Psychotherapist- Coach- Mindfulness Teacher

Since 2000, I have been helping my clients break through the obstacles that were holding them back in life. Would you like to find the calm and lose the stress and anxiety from your life, lose weight  or maybe become free of addictions or phobias.  Life is too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. With cutting edge psychological tools along with traditional practices, let me help you to break through limiting beliefs that maybe holding you back.   I will teach you better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your goals allowing you to get on with being the best you can.

I have lived with a chronic condition for most of my life.  It held me back in my younger years massively,   In 2000  I found Reiki, this was life changing and became Reiki Master in 2002.  I began the journey of therapist and coach in 2005  and trained in hypnosis and NLP with Paul McKenna. and Richard Bandler.  I used my newly acquired skills to improve myself and quite quickly others asked for me to help them too.  I continued my training in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, coaching and mindfulness.  I now have an amazing life, seeing clients 1 to 1 in person at the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre in Edinburgh City Centre, in Kirkliston, on the edge of the city which is close to junctions  M8 and M9, or or by video link, running groups, workshops and retreats at home and abroad.  

Are you Being The Best You Can?


You cannot change the past but you can create a new and amazing future. Using a combination of cutting edge proven psychological disciplines along with traditional practices to get the outcome you want as quickly as possible.

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My Training

Registered Brain Work Recursive Therapist

General Qualification In Hypnotherapy Practice

Certified Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist

Certified Solution Focused Hypno-Psychotherapist 

Certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist

Solution Focused Counselling Skills

Certified Advanced Practioner in Hypnosis for Serious  Emotional Distress

Certified Tebbetts Foundation Parts Therapy Facilitator

Certified Stress Mangement Coaching and Consultancy

Licensed NLP Practioner

Certified NLP Coach

Certified TFT Therapist - Thoughtfield Therapy 

WSN Personality Profiling coaching and counselling

Ageing Un-Plugged Facilitator

Mindfulness Mediation Teacher

Reiki Master Teacher

Enhanced CRB


The Terence Watts Institute of Brainwork Recursive Therapy

The General Hypnotherapy Register 

The General hypnotherapy Standards Council

The National Council For Hypnotherapy

The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council

Anxiety UK Approved Therapist

The Reiki Association


How can I help you? Below are just a few ways  I can accompany you on your journey to Being The best You Can!


Lose The Stress

Stress Management Coaching

Are you experiencing stress? It is probably affecting all areas of your life making you feel anxious, irritable. Is it affecting your work, your relationships and your long term physical and emotional health 
The body responds to danger by releasing hormones into the blood stream. This immediately give us an edge both physically and mentally, giving us more strength and mental alertness, to help us survive. In the fast paced life, we live today the stress buttons are being constantly pressed. Instead of escaping from a sabre tooth tiger we are stressed about important presentations, getting stuck in traffic and meeting targets. The result impermeably having to experience the feelings of danger and readiness at the expense of being calm and relaxed.
The impact that this can have on our lives can be dramatic. Stress can result in a wide range of emotional problems including anger, anxiety, panic, obsessive thoughts and addiction. It can also affect us physical level leading to insomnia and a poorly functioning immune system
With a unique blend of therapy you will immediately start to feel more confident in your ability to do whatever it is you desire. Tailored especially to you, enabling you to be able to access the resources that you have within you to change the way you think about yourself in any situation, replacing fear with confidence and self-belief.

Find the calm

Stop The Anxiety

Are you avoiding situations due to anxiety? Is it stopping you from living a full life?
Anxiety attacks can produce an unpleasant cocktail of  symptoms; sweating palms, nausea, palpatations, hyperventilation and feelings of paranoia.   As anxiety is usually triggered by specific circumstances, many people find themselves avoiding those situations where they may experience anxiety, this in itself can exacerbate the problem, especially if those situations involve work, travel or socialising.

With a unique blend of therapies, you can overcome anxiety, allowing you to be more physically relaxed and mentally calmer.

Lose The Fear

Conquer The Phobias

Fears of heights, spiders, needles, cats, lifts, dentists, buttons and clowns to name just few phobias that can be successfully treated. Leaving you relaxed and more confident in those specific situations where they used to be extremely anxious or panicky.

Hypnotherapy, BWRT, TFT and NLP bypass your conscious mind and focus on retraining your unconscious experience. Rapid, significant change is achieved, leaving you far better equipped to live to the full. 

In as little as one session, the subject of your phobia will no longer have that extreme and debilitating power over you,.

Manage The Weight

Weight Loss Coaching

Are you are fed up of yo-yo dieting,

Are you fed up of feeling deprived,

Are you fed up of feeling hungry,

Are you fed up of feeling fed up and guilty about what you eat,

Are you just plain fed up of dieting?

A unique blend of therapy will help you permanently change your relationship with food, enabling you to effortlessly lose weight and stay in control, ultimately becoming the size and shape you desire. And as part of the process, will also help you to feel physically more relaxed, mentally calmer and, so much more confident within yourself.

Enjoy what you eat and still lose weight?Eliminate food cravings?Identify food toxins?

​Stop feeling guilty about what you eat?

Have control of how you feel and how you look?

Watch the inches come off without dieting?

Improve your self esteem?

Find Your Edge

Performance Coaching

Do you want the edge to be top of your game? Whether it be in business, sport, the arts or anything else you can be.

Do you find yourself slipping , just a little too often?  Finding yourself failing to deliver at that crucial moment whether it be an important presentation, completion, show or exam? Very often when the stakes are high we fail to deliver to our full potential.

Enhancing performance and being at the top of our game is all about a state of mind, about controlling our emotions, focusing on our desired outcome and believing that we can do it. Top achievers in all fields whether it is Bill gates or  Sebastian Vettel use techniques to help them control; their mind, especially their unconscious mind that is responsible for creativity, behaviours and habits, beliefs and emotions. With the use of cutting edge psychological techniques on a coaching framework, we can reprogram habitual patterns of behaviour, ensuring that we perform to our true potential.

Slowing Down The Clock

Ageing Unplugged

Aging un plugged is a program designed for people that want to live their lives as well as they can for as long as they can.  It is suited for all ages from a young entrepreneur wanting to keep their energy levels up and stay healthy, for someone in later middle age wanting to a boost and enjoy the last few years of their career and looking forward to a long and active retirement to someone in their eighties wanting to keep the spark mentally and physical staying  well and active.


The Help Center

Find Your Answers Here

Have a question? Want to know a bit more about me or how I can help you? To help you get your answers quickly, I’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular questions I’ve received from clients, accompanied by thorough answers. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch and I’ll be happy to assist you.

What can you help me with?

Stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, phobias, fears, addictions, weight-loss, confidence building, pain management, IBS,  exam stress, building self esteem, improving your life overall.........and much more.

Transformation therapy and coaching with a holistic view to making lasting changes to all parts of life.

What is the difference between therapy and coaching?

The main difference between therapy and coaching is how the work is focused. Therapy focuses on mental health and emotional healing, while life coaching focuses on setting and achieving goals moving forward to being the best you can.  This does not man that they are mutually exclusive.  Major life changing work benefits from being on a coaching frame work and coaching benefits greatly by the use of therapeutic interventions to breakthrough limiting beliefs.  

Can I book a free consultation?

Yes you can, in fact I insist.  The free session allows us to plan our way forward and ensures we re a good match.  It allows you to get to know me and the way I work, establishing rapport as we start our journey together.

How many sessions will I need and how much are your fees?

For therapy you wil need between 1 and 6 sessions.  With cutting edge techniques such as BWRT phobias and addictions it can be as little as a single session. Coaching tends to be between 6 and12 sessions, dependant on what you would like to achieve. 

Fees are:

£65 per hour session

£180 per block of 3 hourly sessions

When affordability is an issue, I have a number of pro bono places available. Contact me directly for availability. 


Our Services

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Rave Reviews

What Clients Have Said

I was suffering from crippling anxiety and it had started to affect all areas of my life. I had confided in a friend who recommended Lesley. We did it all online via Skype and by session three I felt a different person, by session six I felt ready to start living my best life.  I know myself better and feel better equipped for the the good and bad times ahead.

Anna Chester

I had been asked to appear in a large work related court case and absolutely terrified. It  took just one session with Lesley to sort out my fears. Three weeks later I was on the stand for a whole day, couldn't believe it, not a problem. I would not hesitate in recommending Lesley. Cannot thank her enough.

Robert Edinburgh

Lesley helped me lose five stone in six months and I have kept it off. Something I wasn't expecting extra was my stress disappeared too.

Margaret Edinburgh

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