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Personal Life Upgrade System

for ultimate wellbeing

     BWRT PLUS is an amazing programme for major life change!


It is a cutting-edge programme that creates a whole mind-life reorganisation for success that is firmly based in neuroscience.


BWRT PLUS the turbo-boost for your deep self!


 While we are growing up our deep self becomes stuffed full of inhibitions and limitations given to us by well-meaning individuals. Teachers, parents, friends and others have shaped that deep self to fit in with their ideas and ideals. This programme clears all that stuff, setting the real you free to find the life of being the best you can.


This programme is a purely psychologically science based.  It was created by Terence Watts, psychotherapist, and founder of BWRT, based upon 30 years of working with clients.  This enabled him to develop a deep understanding of the unconscious processes that hinder success, and more importantly a recognition of how they can be turned round to automatically home in on whatever the individual is seeking.



Who is this program for?

  • Budding entrepreneurs

  • Those searching for fulfilment and know there must be something else out there. 

  • Those who have reached a milestone and want the next period of their life to be amazing.

  • Anybody looking for major life upgrade. 

  • Anyone who is trying to make a fresh start.

  • Those seeking major success with multiple goals.


Success means different things to different people; it may just be a single goal such as money, career, recognition and so on. Almost any coaching programme can do that, including BWRT. But what if that’s not enough, enough, what if you want the feeling of success to run through the whole of your life, a life being the best you can? … and this is exactly what the BWRT PLUS programme was created for:


If you want a life being the best you can best you can have it -of course you will have to do a bit yourself 


What gives BWRT PLUS its magic is not a coaching plan, but a deep understanding of how to work with the invisible processing instructions in the unconscious part of the human mind, instructions that have been acquired over a lifetime. These instructions act like a 'life instruction book, creating instincts that often leading us to safety which we may see as dull and boring rather than the life we want.  These instructions are based on unconscious learnings about risk from so long ago that they are now completely inaccessible.




The great thing about this programme is that with the BWRT process, there is no need whatsoever to find the origins and we don’t need to sort them out.  BWRT reorganises unnecessary limiting processes in the subconscious and actually reconditions them and uses them to navigate towards whatever success means to you automatically.


Three Programme Levels

There are three levels of BWRT PLUS and I can discuss them in detail with you a

  • The Primary System Tune gives you everything you need to start out on your new successful life and for many people this will be all they need - it will create major change that lasts and improves over time

  • The Major System Update follows on from the Primary System Tune and goes into ultra-fine detail to specific success.

  • The Full System Upgrade follows the first two levels and is designed to create the highest level of 'life fitness' and includes elements designed to delay ageing and extend longevity.

As with all life improvement programmes, not everybody is suitable and a BWRT PLUS, this something I can advise in a free consultation.  

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